2018 Sermons

Answering with a Lily

This sermon on Matthew 6:25-34 was preached on July 8, 2018. It is a part of a summer series on the questions asked by Jesus. Read here.

She’s Not Wrong

This Easter sermon on John 20:11-23 was preached April 1, 2018. Read here.


This sermon on Isaiah 40:21-31 was preached on February 4, 2018 on the Lectionary texts for the Fifth Sunday after Epiphany. Read here.

By Another Way

This sermon was preached on Epiphany Sunday on January 8, 2018. Read here.

2017 Sermons

Mary Wept

This Easter sermon was preached on April 16, 2017. Read here.

Kindness Multiples

This is the first sermon on a series on each fruit of the Spirit. Read here.

The Burden is Not On Us

This is from a fall series on theological convictions shaped by the Reformation. Read here.

Sow Everywhere

This sermon on the Parable of the Sower is from a summer series on parables. Read here.